Water Cooled Power Cables Repairs

Water Cooled Power Cables Repairs

Melting Solutions Limited offers water cooled power cables repair with high quality components, critical for the operation of induction furnaces today.

Due to stresses incurred during operation, water cooled power cables can be prone to rapid deterioration and failure. Fast replacement is crucial in today’s modern plants with tight operational costs and the need for shortening down-times. To prevent failure of your existing equipment we suggest frequent checking for conductivity, mineral blockages and contact deterioration.

As well as supplying stock replacement items we can also undertake refurbishment; machining new components, re-plating terminals and fitting replacement conductors, cores, neoprene outer hoses and bumpers to further reduce costs.

We are aware down-times are expensive so after all hoses are rigorously tested we arrange for immediate dispatch to your plant.

For any queries relating to water cooled power cables repair, please contact us at sales@meltingsolutions.co.uk or call 01675 470551.

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