Sidewell Furnaces

Sidewell Furnaces

Melting Solutions can supply a range of sidewell melting furnaces in capacities from 10t to 100t.

The principle of the sidewell furnace is well proven. It utilises a metal circulation pump which draws hot metal from the main heating chamber into an open or closed well on the side of the furnace. Scrap can be loaded into the sidewell or through a submergence system, giving high recovery. Using this technology means turnings and foils, which would be uneconomic to process in a conventional furnace, can now be used.

The Melting Solutions design incorporates a unique system to take any smoke and volatiles from the charge and burn these in the heating chamber. This recovers directly the heat from the burning volatiles, thereby reducing the energy needed for heating the charge. A top mounted after burner is also available with a second retention time chamber to ensure the complete destructions of the vocs and dioxans.

The Melting Solutions sidewell furnaces can be a stand alone melting unit or can be used in conjunction with a holding furnaces for increased productivity and flexibility if frequent alloy changes are required.

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