Side Well Melting Furnace Installation

New Installation of Side Well Melting Furnace in Mexico by Melting Solutions

Side Well Melting Furnace

A leading Mexican Secondary Aluminium Producer, supplying die casters in automotive industry in Northern Mexcio, have successfully finished their multi-million investment in new capacity.  This included 2 of our 30t Tilting Holding Furnaces which will feed a DC rolling slab casting machine.

Rotary Scrap-Submerging-System
Rotary Scrap Submerging System

The Investment also included a third furnace.  This was a specially designed 30t capacity Side Well Melting Furnace for continuous casting of de-oxidant products for the local steel industry.

The Side Well Melting Furnace included a Rotary Scrap Submerging System and is delivering excellent productivity and very high metal recovery rates.

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