Porous Plugs

Porous Plugs

Porous Plugs can be used for a number of purposes in melting and holding furnaces.

The Melting Solutions system comprises a number of dense ceramic plugs which are imbedded in the hearth and floor of furnace. Each plug is connected to a pressurised gas supply, which is regulated and controlled to deliver the required pressure and volume of gas flow to the furnace. Normally gasses are nitrogen or argon, which are used to remove hydrogen from the melt, also known as degassing.

A number of plugs are installed in the hearth depending on the capacity, approximately two plugs per square metre. These are programmed to inject gasses at different frequencies and intervals to maximise the degassing effect of the melt. In addition, the injection of the gas gives a strong stirring effect into the melt, improving the homogeneity in terms of its chemical proposition and temperature gradient. This saves energy and significantly improves productivity by reducing the alloying time when mixing silicon and copper, for example. The Melting Solutions porous plugs system is extremely reliable and long lasting. It can be incorporated into new furnace and retro fitted to existing ones.

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