Melting Solutions Supply and Install New Recycling Plant

Melting Solutions have recently supplied and installed a new recycling plant in Northern Ireland.  This new recycling plant is thought to be the first metal works to be built in the UK for 30 years.

The new plant will be used to recycle scrap aluminium.  The molten aluminium is then poured in casts and cooled to make ingots which will  then be used by the car industry.  

Previously, the scrap metal was exported to other countries.  Then it would be processed and brought back to be used to make other products.

recycling plantThe installation centres around the Melting Solutions’ 15t capacity tilt rotary furnace with oxy fuel firing and a 15t capacity lip axis side tilting holding furnace with hearth embedded porous plug gas injection.

The tilt rotary furnace is charged by an integrated 4t capacity mobile vibratory charging machine.

The molten aluminium is then transported along the launder to a 220 mould ingot casting machine with indirect water cooling.

Finally, the ingots are stacked by a robotic ingot stacking line with a secondary cooling quench.

The plant also features fully integrated air pollution control with continuous emission monitoring, ensuring the plant adheres to the most stringent regulations.

Melting Solutions were involved in the project from the initial consultation and site assessment through to training for the customer’s employees on how to run the equipment.

This first stage has caught the eye of itv news and has featured on their program.  Please see the video below which features an interview with Clive Hall our International Sales Executive.

Recycling Plant – Supplied and Installed