Multi Direction Doors for Tilt Rotary Furnaces

Melting Solutions have developed a unique “Multi Direction Door” (MDD) for tilt rotary furnaces.

Our MDD door can operate in a single vertical plane (lift-lower) or in both vertical and horizontal planes. This depends on the space available under the extraction hoods and ductwork and consideration of the furnace charging method, so it can be designed to fit the customer’s exact needs.

We have retro fitted these doors to existing tilt rotary furnaces. Advantages of our multi direction door include:

Better sealing of the door with a chimney flue, virtually eliminating heat escape and giving a good door seal.

The door seal saves overheating of the furnace front nose refractory.

The chimney allows the reliable installation of flue thermocouples so the burner system can be operated under a modulating temperature control.

Tilt Rotary Furnace PouringThe MDD side lift function, allows the aluminium from the furnace to be cast out and the slag tipped out, with the door substantially closed. This saves heat in the door and losses of heat stored in the furnace refractory lining.


Monitoring of a previous door upgrade over a period of approx. four months confirmed the gas consumption was cut by 15% on an existing furnace using the new door. The original burner was retained.

The door can also be designed so that an oxy fuel burner system can be installed on the door by Third Parties.

We also offer project management and liaison with the chosen oxy fuel burner supplier. To include an interface in terms matching the oxy fuel supplier’s software with the existing PLC.