Low Level Stacker

Low Level Stacker

The final stage in any extrusion handling system can be time consuming and very labour intensive and can be a potential source of damage to sections as a result either of section frailty or of carelessness in manual handling. To overcome these problems it is recommended to introduce an automated mechanical stacker.

The ‘Edwards' Low Level Stacker from Melting Solutions Limited offers the customer a solution to the above problems either as a new or as a retrofit option as the area required to introduce the equipment is comparable with the space required for the normal manual lift off plus the area where the skip and stillage would usually stand.


• Collection of the entire width of the runout table is handled in one cycle.
• Varying weights of sections can be handled without setup change.
• Short lengths can be handled as multiple lengths onto the stillage in one cycle.
• Stacker supports being at regular intervals eliminates the possibility of bending.
• Reduction in labour quantity and time required to transfer sections to stillage.

One man can perform the entire sawing and stacking operation.

For further information about Low Level Stackers, please email us at enquires@meltingsolutions.co.uk or call 01675 470551.

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