Ingot Casting Machines

Ingot Casting Machines

Ingot Casting Machines are built to Customer product specification and production rate. Metal pouring is via a Starwheel. The Low Dross Starwheel Pouring System gives double outlets into each mould and produces high quality, flash free ingots at high production rates.

The casting machines are manufactured to high standards of precision and materials. This is ensures our machines require minimum maintenance with maximum lifespan. Our moulds are cast in high grade SG Iron which is melted electrically to ensure and maintain consistent quality. Such accurate and consistent castings make it possible to fit the moulds close together, minimising spillage. This gap does not increase as the moulds rotate around the head and tail shaft sprockets, thus preventing product getting between the moulds and jamming or damaging the machine, previously the main cause of breakdowns.

We can make moulds to match customers’ existing product lines, or we can design new moulds to produce stackable or interlocking ingots within specified weight or size limits. All ingots are designed for optimising bundle sizes for transport, and can carry the customer logo

The Swan Neck Ingot Casting Machine

The Horizontal Swan-Neck Ingot Casting Machines are for high rates of 15T per hour and more. They are partly horizontal to include the cooling water tank, this extracts heat from the underside of the ingot moulds. The cooling water is circulated from a reservoir, pumped into the cooling tank where the ingots are cooled and is then recycled.

The De-Ox Machine

A pouring tray mounted across the conveyor is rocked in time with the passing moulds by a cam on the output of a heavy duty gearbox of our own design. This is driven from the conveyor tail-shaft. A former is provided to create a uniform shape within the refractory lining of the tray to minimise turbulence, allowing faster casting of metal.

De-ox Casting Machines are manufactured to customers product specification and production rate. De-ox product shapes include:

• Cubes
• Cones
• Pyramids
• Dabs
• Half balls

Pouring is usually by pouring tray with synchronous rocking action delivered by cam and gearbox. Cooling can be via water sprayed on the back of the moulds.

Examples of product are:

• Pyramids 250 to 350 gm, 90 to 120 gm, 30 to 70 gm
• Half balls 250 to 350 gm
• Cones 90 to 120 gm, 30 to 70 gm
• Cones 4 to 6 ounce ( US market )
• Truncated Cones 4 to 6 ounce. ( US market)
• 1 Kg notch bars, 2 Kg notch bars.
• 5 lb notch bars ( US market )
• 5 Kg Dumpy Ingot
• 1 Kg Stars

Automated Ingot Stacking Lines

Ingot Casting and Stacking machines using a Robot give automated production from molten metal at the start to finishing with a bundle of ingots. These machines have four basic elements:
• Ingot Casting Machine
• Cooling
• Arranging Conveyor
• Robot and Ingot Bundle Conveyor

The function of the Cooling and Arranging Conveyor is primarily to prepare a rows of ingots ready for the Robot gripper to transport and stack the ingots on the Bundle Conveyor.

To comply with Health and Safety regulations, this stacking takes place inside a fenced area.
Ingots can be stacked hot from the end of the Ingot Casting Machine ( 250 – 300oC ) or after passing through a cooling zone. If cooled, the ingots may be inkjet printed with barcodes, then the bundles can be automatically strapped and weighed before leaving the Bundle Conveyor.

Carousel Sow Casting Machines

Carousel Sow Casting Machines can be used to produce Sows of up to one metric tonne. Typical size is 500kg to 1000kg.

The power controlled carousel is indexed, passing through a pre-heating station, a pouring station and a sow lifting station. The indexing is controlled and smooth to allow continual movement of the molten metal.

The Sow moulds are pre-heated in a tunnel before pouring commences to ensure gradual
cooling of the molten metal. Once the pre-heat is complete the sows are positioned to commence pouring. The furnace begins pouring and the carousel rotates when the sows are filled. After pouring is complete the sows are allowed to cool. Finally, the Sows are removed by the crane leaving the sows in place.

We can also supply of all types and sizes of cast iron and cast steel sows moulds in all ranges of capacities including low profile sow moulds. And manufacture of dump moulds for dross and slag cooling.

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