Induction Processes Worldwide (IPW); Otto Junker; Melting Solutions History

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Originally, the company started up as a private company in 1972 under the name of Induction Processes Worldwide (IPW) based in the West Midlands. After many successful years covering a huge range of products for heating and melting applications in a variety of industries, the business continued to grow and thus moved to a self contained dedicated facility in Curdworth, Sutton Coldfield. Employing approximately 70 employees at its peak, IPW’s reputation and capabilities were becoming very strong. Attracting attention from many overseas companies for its capabilities and success, the owners entered into a partnership with Otto Junker GmbH Germany with Otto Junker becoming the majority shareholder as the German organisation wanted to establish its name in the UK Foundry market industry along with gaining the expertise and knowledge that was well established in many other industries. IPW thus became Otto Junker UK.

Over the next 10 years, Otto Junker UK could see changes in the market place with the number of foundries reducing dramatically and the manufacturing industry in the UK shrinking and therefore expanded its portfolio into different manufacturing sectors including equipment for Recycling of Aluminium along with equipment for the Aluminium Extrusion industry. During this tenure, the business moved 400 yards down the road to its current location to a more suited business unit for todays product ranges.

Changes in how the German owners wanted to run their organisation resulted in an opportunity arising in 2010 for a management buy out to take place. In  June of that year, Melting Solutions Ltd was born.

Wanting to grow in new markets, Melting Solutions went into a partnership with an American organisation Interpower Corporation in 2011 and started the joint venture business of Interpower Europe. This business was to focus its attention to the forging industry as Interpower Corporation designed and manufactures induction billet heating systems along with process lines for the steel forging industry.

As this joint venture grew, it became very apparent to the American owner of Interpower Corporation that Melting Solutions has a very strong history and vast experience and thus decided to buy the Melting Solutions business outright. In June 2012, Interpower Corporation became the sole owner of Melting Solutions and have quickly seen the benefits from this decision with Melting Solutions Aluminium Recycling and Induction Heating products now being sold in the USA under their guidance.


The business over the years has developed products utilising different energy sources to suit the end users resource availability and therefore has generated great knowledge in both electrically heated and gas/oil fired equipment.  Melting Solutions offers equipment and consultancy covering an array of areas including but not limited to:

  • Aluminium
    • Secondary Recycling Equipment
      • Tilt Rotary
      • Gas Fired Reverbatory and small Melting furnaces
      • Holding Furnaces
      • New cast house plant complete installations
    • Extrusion Equipment
      • From cast house to finished product
    • Repairs, Spares and Modifications for process and energy resource improvement
      • Retrofit energy saving door for Tilt Rotary Furnaces
      • New melt plc software MeltPro
  • Iron / Steel
    • Induction Melting Furnaces
    • Foundry equipment
  • Spares, Repairs and Equipment Modification
    • Mechanical
      • Equipment repair with fast efficient turnaround
      • Melting furnace repairs
      • Busbar and water cooled power cable repairs
      • Electro Magnetic Stirrers
      • Water cooling system repairs and upgrades
      • Spare parts supply and installation
    • Electrical
      • On site and off site support
      • Repairs
      • Upgrades
      • Spare part supply and installation

Induction Melting and Heating Equipment