Induction Heating Nuclear Waste

Induction Heating Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Waste Equipment

Melting Solutions Limited are a major supplier of process heating equipment to the nuclear waste industry. Using expertise gained over many years in the design and custom building of equipment to a diverse customer base, including the metallurgical and chemical industries.

We have worked in partnership with Sellafield Ltd for many years in the following areas:

• Induction melting for the Vitrification process
• Calcining of high active liqueurs
• Flask pre-heating

We offer development facilities from basic trialling of concepts through to full-scale test rigs, thus ensuring security and reliability of equipment upon installation.

Many of our general process techniques have applications within the de-commissioning and waste management areas particularly in waste drying and size reduction.

For further information about Nuclear Waste Equipment, please email us at or call 01675 470551.

Induction Melting and Heating Equipment