Group Companies

meltingsolutionsnewlogo Offering fuel fired equipment for the secondary aluminum industry including tilt rotary furnaces, reverb furnaces and casting machines. Melting Solutions also offer induction heating equipment for a variety of applications such as vessel heaters and platens.
Interpower_final_logo_art_300_dpi_ Interpower Induction Europe, design and manufacture induction heating equipment. Based in UK



Interpower Induction Corporation design and manufacture induction heating equipment. Based in Michigan, USA.
adroit-logo Adroit Engineering offer machining services for the UK and European market from small batch work to volume CNC production.
Interpower_final_logo_art_300_dpi_ Interpower Induction Services design, build and repair coils for virtually any induction heating application, based in the US.
kfmlogo KFM offer custom fabrications, machining and powder coating. Based in Michigan, US.


Interpower Induction India, manufacturing and services throughout India
 otto-power-logo-small Otto Power Llc is a joint venture between Interpower Induction and OttoJunker, allowing the distribution of both companies’ products worldwide
Ingotech Engineering Ltd manufacture Ingot Casting Machines, Stacking Machines, and Furnace Tapping Equipment.

Induction Melting and Heating Equipment