Gas and Oil Fired Furnaces, Refractories & Combustion – Repairs

Gas and Oil Fired Furnaces, Refractories and Combustion

Melting Solutions Limited are able to advise and assist with all areas of repairs, upgrades and improvements to gas and oil fired furnaces.

We can supply all types of combustion systems from individual burners and valves to complete systems with controls. Supply of nozzle mix burners for gas, self proportioning oil burners, recuperators for pre-heating combustion air, regenerative burners and oxy fuel firing of gaseous and liquid fuels.

Our combustion systems are backed up with qualified commissioning and service maintenance.

We have specialist teams of refractory installers and are able to undertake all types of work from repairs to complete relines. Refractory linings using both brick and monolithic constables, insulation, anchoring, formwork and services to dry out linings using mobile burners under strict heat up control.

Melting solutions can supply and design the very latest PLC and SCADA based control systems. These controls can bring significant improvements and benefits in process controls and furnace efficiencies.

We can also undertake steel work, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical installation and repair work in our workshops or on-site.

For advice and enquiries about gas and oil fired furnaces repairs, upgrades and how we can help you improve furnace efficiencies and performance please contact Clive Hall at or call 01675 470551.

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