Electromagnetic Stirrer Service, Repairs & Modifications

Electromagnetic Stirrer Servicing, Repairs and Modifications

Melting Solutions for the last 30 years have been servicing and modifying electromagnetic stirrers at our Curdworth facility. We have serviced various sizes and types of electromagnetic stirrers. With customers based both in the UK and overseas, it has allowed us to gain a vast knowledge of the general workings from different manufacturers units.

We have received through our workshop Electromagnetic Stirrers for general overhaul to significant damage, size has never been an issue. We have serviced Electromagnetic stirrers up to 30 Tonnes in weight, with footprints in the region of 4m x 3m x 2m made up of a significant amount of steelwork, solid copper, copper pipe work, water cooling systems and refractory.

Our service engineers offer skilled workmanship ensuring that the product returned is fit for purpose. Recent projects include ferrous metal stirrers of both single complete units and half paired units.

Ladle stirring is a fundamental operation for increasing productivity and process improvement in metallurgical processing. Electromagnetic Stirring (EMS) achieves effective stirring by the interaction between the magnetic field from the induction coil(s) located outside the ladle furnace and the electrically conducting metal bath. The Electromagnetic Stirrer is utilised to homogenize the ladle composition, the ladle temperature, accelerate the removal of inclusions and to protect and maintain an unbroken slag layer at the top of the ladle.

Melting Solutions know breakdowns cost time and money to the metal producer. So we have worked round the clock on a number of occasions to reduce the downtime to a minimum.

Upon initial receipt and unloading at our works, Melting Solutions perform electrical and mechanical testing to ascertain the cause of the fault(s). Through communication with the customer on an open basis, either by face to face meetings, video and teleconferences, the suggested repair and expected time scale is discussed and the expected costs are presented, thus allowing the customer to review their budget and obtain authorisation without causing delay to their production.

Improvements / modifications.

Melting Solutions have worked closely with a number of companies to offer improvement advice to their product to reduce the possibility of future breakdown. These include improvements to the cooling systems, the enclosure shielding, the power connection bus-bar arrangements, customer handling to name a few.

Electrical overhaul.

Melting Solutions can offer on site support to review your current power suites and your servicing needs.

Taking all makes of stirrers into consideration, Melting Solutions would be happy to visit any site and discuss how we can assist you in keeping your equipment in working order.

Melting Solutions offer:

• Full engineering and manufacturing support
• Full plant overhaul
• First class project management
• Purpose equipped facilities
• Modifications to meet increased production needs
• High quality spares at realistic cost
• Fast efficient breakdown service
• Specialist design support
• Experienced in coreless channel and arc furnaces
• Routine preventative maintenance

For more information on our Electromagnetic Stirrer Services, Repairs or Modifications please email us at enquires@meltingsolutions.co.uk or call us on 01675 470551

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