Electro-Magnetic Stirrer – 18T for Steel Alloys

Melting Solutions have just completed a repair on an 18t Electro-magnetic Stirrer for steel alloys. When received the damage was by far the worst we have seen in 35 years of stirrer repairs.
The customer believed this stirrer to be a ‘write off’ and beyond economical repair and expected to have to source a brand new one. However due to our knowledge and experience, we still completed the work to repair the stirrer to its original condition, at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. We not only repaired the Stirrer we also implemented modifications to improve it within the customer’s budget and timescale.

Some of the repairs that were undertaken:

• New Water Temperature/Flow Monitoring System
• All new thermocouples and Wirings
• Existing Coil Modules badly damaged were repaired and tested
• Full Body Refurbishment
• New Cast Hood and Cover
• New Side Covers
• Soundproofed
• Thematically Sealed

When we received the stirrer, we had very limited information about it. The Stirrer was originally manufactured in Sweden, but regardless of this we sourced all parts within the UK and also used the highest quality materials.