Ongoing Success for Melting Solutions in North America

dross-processingFollowing on from a new 3t Tilt Rotary Furnace installation, that has been successfully operating for more than two years at a leading secondary processor Metal Eutectic in Chihuahua. An established aluminium processor in the industrial heartland of Mexico Monterey has now installed a state of the art Dross Processing line with both mechanical and thermal processing.

In January 2013 Melting Solutions was awarded a contract for a model TR8 tilt rotary furnace with integrated charging machine. Following the successful commissioning and operation, the customer awarded Melting Solutions a second contract for the supply of three furnaces to expand their deoxidant and rolling slab production. This multi-million dollar contract included two 30 t tilting rotary furnaces plus a multi chamber melting furnace with metal circulation and scrap submerging.