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Tilt Rotary Product Orders Success

Tilt Rotary Product Order Success

tilt-rotaryMelting Solutions have a strong forward order book in North America for its flagship Tilt Rotary products.

A 4t unit and 15t unit are under construction at the moment for two new dross processing companies. These are set for installation in the second quarter of 2015.

Also a major Mid-West secondary processor, supplying 1st tier automotive die casters, has placed a 3rd order for 8t furnace for remelting of shredded scrap.

Side Well Melting Furnace Installation

New Installation of Side Well Melting Furnace in Mexico by Melting Solutions

Side Well Melting Furnace

A leading Mexican Secondary Aluminium Producer, supplying die casters in automotive industry in Northern Mexcio, have successfully finished their multi-million investment in new capacity.  This included 2 of our 30t Tilting Holding Furnaces which will feed a DC rolling slab casting machine.

Rotary Scrap-Submerging-System
Rotary Scrap Submerging System

The Investment also included a third furnace.  This was a specially designed 30t capacity Side Well Melting Furnace for continuous casting of de-oxidant products for the local steel industry.

The Side Well Melting Furnace included a Rotary Scrap Submerging System and is delivering excellent productivity and very high metal recovery rates.

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Energy Saving Recuperators Installed

Energy Saving Recuperators installed by Melting Solutions

energy-saving-recuperatorsThree furnaces in Mexico have recently been installed and commissioned with a new generation of energy saving recuperators designed by Melting Solutions.

They are able to pre-heat combustion air to 300-325°C.  This innovative technology is able to deliver a 20% fuel saving with a LOW capital investment cost, delivering a very fast payback.

The novel design takes high temperature products of combustion, through a series of tubes with combustion air circulating around the exterior of heat exchanging tubes.

This design is available with Melting Solutions for melting and holding furnaces.  It can also be incorporated into upgrades and the refurbishment of existing plants.

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Thermprocess International Trade Fair

five-zone-induction-systemInterpower Induction Ltd and Melting Solutions will be exhibiting at Thermprocess International Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany during the week of 16th – 20th June 2015, stand number 10E09.

If you would like us to provide you with free entry tickets, please contact us at

For more information on this, please visit their website by clicking the following link and search for Interpower Induction Ltd

Thermprocess International Trade Fair – Online

More information to follow.

Induction Heaters Nearing Completion

Induction Heaters Nearing Completion

From left to right Engineers Dan Worton, Alex Massey, Mike Allsopp (Project Leader), Carlton Reeves, Paul Hodgkins and Jack Massey

Interpower Induction are now nearing the completion of the build of distillation induction heaters for the food industry.

With temperatures up to 300 degrees celcius, the induction heaters will provide accurately controlled heating.

An additional 3 heater units are still continuing to be built with completion foreseen early in the new year.

Engineers Dan Worton, Alex Massey, Mike Allsopp (Project Leader), Carlton Reeves, Paul Hodgkins and Jack Massey enjoy a moment to reflect.

New Sales in North America- Charging Machine and Rotary Furnace

charging-machine-and-rotary-furnaceA major liquid metals supplier to automotive producers has completed an investment for a Tilt Rotary Furnace to handle their complex mix of scrap and dross. This radical purchase now puts the customer in a strong position to now source low cost feedstock for their operation. This will now give them extra added value to their end product.

Melting Solutions have completed the installation of a 15t Tilt Rotary Furnace with integrated Charging Machine as a complete turnkey project. A high performance variable ratio combustion system was selected. This was to take advantage of the high speed melting afforded by oxy fuel, using lower oxygen content in the combustion flame during less critical phases of the melt cycle. This is saving natural gas and oxygen.

CNC Milling Centre increases capacity

Interpower Group Company Adroit Engineering has invested in two additional CNC Bridgeport Milling Centres. These two CNC Milling Centres will increase Adroit’s capacity for CNC projects by 40%.

“We are now in a position to run production jobs while still having the flexibility to offer quick turn around for existing customers on smaller jobs.” explains Christian Dunn, Managing Director of Adroit.

cnc-milling-centreThe CNC Milling Centre increased workload has also offered the opportunity to employ two new personnel at our Curdworth site.

Besides CNC turning, Adroit Engineering also have conventional milling and turning, finishing and grinding facilities and conventional equipment such as drillers and a table saws to meet all machining requirements.

Apprenticeships – Melting Solutions

From Left to Right, Christian Dunn, Ben Townsend, Carlton Reeves, Doug Rankin

Melting Solutions are proud to announce their two newest qualified members of staff.

Ben Townsend has recently finished his four year Apprenticeship and is now fully qualified in all aspects of Machining.  He has been employed at Adroit Engineering for the full four years and has been attending Tamworth College to compliment his training.

Carlton Reeves has also recently finished his four year Apprenticeship and is now a fully qualified Mechanical Assembler.  He has been employed at Melting Solutions for the full four  years and has also been attending Tamworth College to compliment his training.

We would like to congratulate them both on their new qualifications and thank them for all their hard work.  We now look forward to a prosperous future with them both.

At present Melting Solutions still have two other ongoing apprenticeships.  They are are working hard to gain their qualifications and due to our constant increase in production we have also employed another two trainees.