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Largest Tilt Rotary Furnace currently being built

largest-tilt-rotary-furnace largest tilt rotary furnace largest tilt rotary furnaceMelting Solutions are pleased to announce that the largest Tilt Rotary Furnace is being built in the UK for a leading secondary aluminium producer in the US.

The furnace features a hybrid combustion system and a new tilt back option to increase capacity by 50%.  On maximum tilt back the furnace will have a capacity of 18.5 cubic metres or 42.5 cubic tonnes.

The project also includes an air cooled electromagnetic stirrer.

Commissioning for the largest tilt rotary furnace is planned for Summer 2018.

Management Changes

Interpower Induction announces management changes

After a very busy and successful year in 2017, Interpower Induction are pleased to announce the following changes to the Management Team:

Doug Rankin will be leaving the post of Managing Director to become Corporate Technical Director, heading up the engineering departments in the US, Europe and India. Doug became Managing Director in 2012 after Interpower Induction acquired Melting Solutions and has, with David Bell as Sales Director, successfully lead the company through difficult economic times and into new markets. The change to Corporate Technical Director will allow Doug to follow his passion for engineering and make the best use of his wealth of technical knowledge.

Christian Dunn, who has been Operations Director since 2016, will now take up the role of Managing Director. During this time he has already made an impact on the operational side and taken responsibility for the day to day running of the company. His ability to motivate his team has lead to continually improve performance.

David Bell will continue to lead the sales Team in his role as Sales Director.

Paul Cameron has been promoted to Head of Manufacturing. Paul has joined the company two years ago, bringing with him more than 25 years of management experience, particularly in manufacturing of secondary aluminium. Paul will be taking responsibility for all manufacturing operations, quality and production planning to ensure projects are realised successfully.

Aluminum USA 2017

Melting Solutions will be attending ALUMINUM USA in Nashville Tennessee.  The exhibition will be on 25-26 October 2017.

The show is the leading technical and exhibition  conference for aluminum products, technologies and investments in the United States.   It is the exhibition that brings the aluminum industry together.  It offers solutions for the aluminum industry and all applications fields and is the meeting place for producers, processors, suppliers of technologies, buyers, designers and engineers from the entire aluminum industry.

We will be at Booth 124 but please click the link to find out more details of where to find us  ALUMINUM USA 2017

aluminum usa 2017

Melting Solutions Supply and Install New Recycling Plant

Melting Solutions have recently supplied and installed a new recycling plant in Northern Ireland.  This new recycling plant is thought to be the first metal works to be built in the UK for 30 years.

The new plant will be used to recycle scrap aluminium.  The molten aluminium is then poured in casts and cooled to make ingots which will  then be used by the car industry.  

Previously, the scrap metal was exported to other countries.  Then it would be processed and brought back to be used to make other products.

recycling plantThe installation centres around the Melting Solutions’ 15t capacity tilt rotary furnace with oxy fuel firing and a 15t capacity lip axis side tilting holding furnace with hearth embedded porous plug gas injection.

The tilt rotary furnace is charged by an integrated 4t capacity mobile vibratory charging machine.

The molten aluminium is then transported along the launder to a 220 mould ingot casting machine with indirect water cooling.

Finally, the ingots are stacked by a robotic ingot stacking line with a secondary cooling quench.

The plant also features fully integrated air pollution control with continuous emission monitoring, ensuring the plant adheres to the most stringent regulations.

Melting Solutions were involved in the project from the initial consultation and site assessment through to training for the customer’s employees on how to run the equipment.

This first stage has caught the eye of itv news and has featured on their program.  Please see the video below which features an interview with Clive Hall our International Sales Executive.

Recycling Plant – Supplied and Installed

Ingotech Engineering Ltd acquired by Melting Solutions

INGOTECH Engineering Ltd, known since 1987, for its world class and innovative ingot casting equipment, has been acquired by Melting Solutions.

The company will continue under the direction of Mark Taylor as Managing Director; supported by Clive Hall as Sales Director and with senior consultant John Taylor, continuing in his role as Mentor. This will bring a depth of unrivalled industry experience to the company, from when the first INGOTECH casting machine was commissioned thirty years ago.

INGOTECH casting technologies covers all kinds of foundry ingot casting machines. These include sow casting lines, de-oxidant production and a huge range of dross / sow moulds. Over the last decade the company has pioneered one of the best liquid metal casting methods, virtually eliminating metal turbulence in the ingot. This breakthrough in casting excellence and consistency of ingot, opened the way to the development of highly automated ingot stacking and packaging systems, based on robotic technology.
Today more than ten automated lines are in operation, with new lines coming on stream during 2017.

The INGOTECH products and expertise, are a great fit for Melting Solutions, and we are delighted that this acquisition has taken place

Interpower Group Managing Director Doug Rankin

For further information on Ingotech Engineering Ltd please visit

Aluminium 2016 Exhibition

Melting Solutions had a stand at the Aluminium 2016 Exhibition in Düsseldorf. It was a very successful show for us. The quality of enquiries received was very high.

A total of 992 exhibitors from 58 nations and 24,748 trade visitors came to the world’s largest industry trade fair in Düsseldorf

( key figures recorded on the  Aluminium 2016 website)

For further information please use this link Aluminium 2016

Stand built by Mark @ MPD Creative

Electro-Magnetic Stirrer – 18T for Steel Alloys

Melting Solutions have just completed a repair on an 18t Electro-magnetic Stirrer for steel alloys. When received the damage was by far the worst we have seen in 35 years of stirrer repairs.
The customer believed this stirrer to be a ‘write off’ and beyond economical repair and expected to have to source a brand new one. However due to our knowledge and experience, we still completed the work to repair the stirrer to its original condition, at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. We not only repaired the Stirrer we also implemented modifications to improve it within the customer’s budget and timescale.

Some of the repairs that were undertaken:

• New Water Temperature/Flow Monitoring System
• All new thermocouples and Wirings
• Existing Coil Modules badly damaged were repaired and tested
• Full Body Refurbishment
• New Cast Hood and Cover
• New Side Covers
• Soundproofed
• Thematically Sealed

When we received the stirrer, we had very limited information about it. The Stirrer was originally manufactured in Sweden, but regardless of this we sourced all parts within the UK and also used the highest quality materials.

Melting Solutions have Moved

Interpower (Melting Solutions on the MSL site) have now completed the move from Curdworth to our own premises in 250 Lichfield Road, Brownhills. The new site is located within easy reach of the motorways, located just off junction T6 on the M6 toll.

The new facility is considerably larger than our old building increasing our manufacturing floor space to 35,000 sq. ft.

The move is part of our plans for growth in all aspects of our business.

We are in the process of setting up new test and development facilities for both the gas fired and induction equipment and ultimately this will allow full testing on manufactured equipment for up to 50m lines.

Having moved in on moved in on April 11th, production started straight away with the first job leaving site on the 13th.

Adroit Engineering is now fully back in production with room to expand their machining capabilities to meet customer demands

Aluminium Duesseldorf Exhibition 2016

Aluminium Duesseldorf Exhibition 2016

aluminium-duesseldorf-exhibitionHall 10 Stand H10

29th November – 1st December.  Duesseldorf Germany

Melting Solutions will be exhibiting at the Aluminium Duesseldorf Exhibition during the 29th November – 1st December 2016.  We will be found on Hall 10 Stand H10


ALUMINIUM is the world’s leading trade show and B2B-platform for the aluminium industry and its important application area. Here meets the Who-is-who of the industry. It brings together producers, manufacturers, processors and suppliers and also end-consumers along the whole supply chain, that means from raw material along semi-finished up to finished products.

Aluminium Exhibition 2016 website