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Largest Tilt Rotary Furnace currently being built

largest-tilt-rotary-furnace largest tilt rotary furnace largest tilt rotary furnaceMelting Solutions are pleased to announce that the largest Tilt Rotary Furnace is being built in the UK for a leading secondary aluminium producer in the US.

The furnace features a hybrid combustion system and a new tilt back option to increase capacity by 50%.  On maximum tilt back the furnace will have a capacity of 18.5 cubic metres or 42.5 cubic tonnes.

The project also includes an air cooled electromagnetic stirrer.

Commissioning for the largest tilt rotary furnace is planned for Summer 2018.

Melting Solutions Supply and Install New Recycling Plant

Melting Solutions have recently supplied and installed a new recycling plant in Northern Ireland.  This new recycling plant is thought to be the first metal works to be built in the UK for 30 years.

The new plant will be used to recycle scrap aluminium.  The molten aluminium is then poured in casts and cooled to make ingots which will  then be used by the car industry.  

Previously, the scrap metal was exported to other countries.  Then it would be processed and brought back to be used to make other products.

recycling plantThe installation centres around the Melting Solutions’ 15t capacity tilt rotary furnace with oxy fuel firing and a 15t capacity lip axis side tilting holding furnace with hearth embedded porous plug gas injection.

The tilt rotary furnace is charged by an integrated 4t capacity mobile vibratory charging machine.

The molten aluminium is then transported along the launder to a 220 mould ingot casting machine with indirect water cooling.

Finally, the ingots are stacked by a robotic ingot stacking line with a secondary cooling quench.

The plant also features fully integrated air pollution control with continuous emission monitoring, ensuring the plant adheres to the most stringent regulations.

Melting Solutions were involved in the project from the initial consultation and site assessment through to training for the customer’s employees on how to run the equipment.

This first stage has caught the eye of itv news and has featured on their program.  Please see the video below which features an interview with Clive Hall our International Sales Executive.

Recycling Plant – Supplied and Installed

Ingotech Engineering Ltd acquired by Melting Solutions

INGOTECH Engineering Ltd, known since 1987, for its world class and innovative ingot casting equipment, has been acquired by Melting Solutions.

The company will continue under the direction of Mark Taylor as Managing Director; supported by Clive Hall as Sales Director and with senior consultant John Taylor, continuing in his role as Mentor. This will bring a depth of unrivalled industry experience to the company, from when the first INGOTECH casting machine was commissioned thirty years ago.

INGOTECH casting technologies covers all kinds of foundry ingot casting machines. These include sow casting lines, de-oxidant production and a huge range of dross / sow moulds. Over the last decade the company has pioneered one of the best liquid metal casting methods, virtually eliminating metal turbulence in the ingot. This breakthrough in casting excellence and consistency of ingot, opened the way to the development of highly automated ingot stacking and packaging systems, based on robotic technology.
Today more than ten automated lines are in operation, with new lines coming on stream during 2017.

The INGOTECH products and expertise, are a great fit for Melting Solutions, and we are delighted that this acquisition has taken place

Interpower Group Managing Director Doug Rankin

For further information on Ingotech Engineering Ltd please visit

Tilt Rotary Product Orders Success

Tilt Rotary Product Order Success

tilt-rotaryMelting Solutions have a strong forward order book in North America for its flagship Tilt Rotary products.

A 4t unit and 15t unit are under construction at the moment for two new dross processing companies. These are set for installation in the second quarter of 2015.

Also a major Mid-West secondary processor, supplying 1st tier automotive die casters, has placed a 3rd order for 8t furnace for remelting of shredded scrap.

Side Well Melting Furnace Installation

New Installation of Side Well Melting Furnace in Mexico by Melting Solutions

Side Well Melting Furnace

A leading Mexican Secondary Aluminium Producer, supplying die casters in automotive industry in Northern Mexcio, have successfully finished their multi-million investment in new capacity.  This included 2 of our 30t Tilting Holding Furnaces which will feed a DC rolling slab casting machine.

Rotary Scrap-Submerging-System
Rotary Scrap Submerging System

The Investment also included a third furnace.  This was a specially designed 30t capacity Side Well Melting Furnace for continuous casting of de-oxidant products for the local steel industry.

The Side Well Melting Furnace included a Rotary Scrap Submerging System and is delivering excellent productivity and very high metal recovery rates.

For more information on our Side Well Melting Furnaces or any of our other products, please email us on

New Sales in North America- Charging Machine and Rotary Furnace

charging-machine-and-rotary-furnaceA major liquid metals supplier to automotive producers has completed an investment for a Tilt Rotary Furnace to handle their complex mix of scrap and dross. This radical purchase now puts the customer in a strong position to now source low cost feedstock for their operation. This will now give them extra added value to their end product.

Melting Solutions have completed the installation of a 15t Tilt Rotary Furnace with integrated Charging Machine as a complete turnkey project. A high performance variable ratio combustion system was selected. This was to take advantage of the high speed melting afforded by oxy fuel, using lower oxygen content in the combustion flame during less critical phases of the melt cycle. This is saving natural gas and oxygen.

Ongoing Success for Melting Solutions in North America

dross-processingFollowing on from a new 3t Tilt Rotary Furnace installation, that has been successfully operating for more than two years at a leading secondary processor Metal Eutectic in Chihuahua. An established aluminium processor in the industrial heartland of Mexico Monterey has now installed a state of the art Dross Processing line with both mechanical and thermal processing.

In January 2013 Melting Solutions was awarded a contract for a model TR8 tilt rotary furnace with integrated charging machine. Following the successful commissioning and operation, the customer awarded Melting Solutions a second contract for the supply of three furnaces to expand their deoxidant and rolling slab production. This multi-million dollar contract included two 30 t tilting rotary furnaces plus a multi chamber melting furnace with metal circulation and scrap submerging.

Multi Direction Doors for Tilt Rotary Furnaces

Melting Solutions have developed a unique “Multi Direction Door” (MDD) for tilt rotary furnaces.

Our MDD door can operate in a single vertical plane (lift-lower) or in both vertical and horizontal planes. This depends on the space available under the extraction hoods and ductwork and consideration of the furnace charging method, so it can be designed to fit the customer’s exact needs.

We have retro fitted these doors to existing tilt rotary furnaces. Advantages of our multi direction door include:

Better sealing of the door with a chimney flue, virtually eliminating heat escape and giving a good door seal.

The door seal saves overheating of the furnace front nose refractory.

The chimney allows the reliable installation of flue thermocouples so the burner system can be operated under a modulating temperature control.

Tilt Rotary Furnace PouringThe MDD side lift function, allows the aluminium from the furnace to be cast out and the slag tipped out, with the door substantially closed. This saves heat in the door and losses of heat stored in the furnace refractory lining.


Monitoring of a previous door upgrade over a period of approx. four months confirmed the gas consumption was cut by 15% on an existing furnace using the new door. The original burner was retained.

The door can also be designed so that an oxy fuel burner system can be installed on the door by Third Parties.

We also offer project management and liaison with the chosen oxy fuel burner supplier. To include an interface in terms matching the oxy fuel supplier’s software with the existing PLC.