Associated Equipment

Associated Equipment

Melting Solutions Limited offer a wide range of associated equipment for the Secondary Processor and Secondary Casthouses, not just furnaces.

Afterburners or Thermal Oxidisers

Used in conjunction with reverberatory AND rotary furnaces (both static and tilting) afterburner chambers are used to destroy smoke, volatile organic compounds and dioxins.

The incorporation of an afterburner enables the plant to process low cost scrap to maximise profit margins whilst protecting the environment and ensuring compliance with relevant international environmental legislation.

Furnace Charging Machines

• All types of charging machines and solutions for material handling and dross handling.
• Vibratory types for rotary and induction melting.
• Pusher type charging machines for reverberatory melting furnaces.
• Wide range of sizes and capacities built to customer’s requirements.

Ingot Casting Machines

• Continuous casting machines for ingot
• Fully automatic pouring, casting and robotic ingot stacking
• Ingot weights from 5 – 25kg
• Casting speeds from 5 – 10t/hr and more
• Also machines for casting ‘di-ox’ shapes for steelwork products
• 250 Mould Caster 10t/hr

Other ancillary items from Melting Solutions include:
• Molten metal transfer launders
• Molten metal pumps and stirrers
• Burners and combustion systems
• Refractories and refractory installation service
• Chimney hoods and ductwork
• Thermocouples and sensors for temperature and pressure measurement
• Furnace control systems
Also see our spares and repairs section.

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