Aluminium Welder

Aluminium Welder

The benefits of a continuous log to a billet saw are now a reality with a Melting Solutions Limited log aluminium welder. Even with careful planning often a short piece of log is left over after cutting the required number of billets. By using the Log Welder which uses a friction stir process, short pieces of log or billet ends can now be welded to the next incoming log, providing continuous billets for maximum production and less scrap.

The friction stir process requires no intermediary alloy, it uses parent metal. Therefore, minimising the scrap of the extruded profile. The welds penetrate into the log surface, giving adequate strength to withstand normal handling. The welded log proceeds through the cutting and loading cycle as though no weld existed.


• Two part billet problem solved
• Optimise log use
• Reduce butt end scrap
• Minimal air entrapment means no blisters
• Best Practice – Log Welder/Log Saw

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