Aluminium Sawing Systems

Aluminium Sawing Systems

Aluminium Sawing - The Narrow Cut Log / Billet Saw

This revolutionary design uses two blades to cut the log into billet, one blade cuts from above and the other from below. Using two blades enables us to use thinner blades, which ultimately reduces the cut width and thus improves recovery. The blades are slightly offset from each other to ensure the log is cut completely.

Instead of the traditional segmental blades the Narrow Cut Log Saw uses carbide tipped blades. The swarf generated is much smaller, occupies less space and is easier to compact and power consumption is typically 60% lower than traditional saws.

The log is secured by a unique clamping system that has been developed to ensure that no movement of the log can occur during the cut cycle. The cycle time is nominally 15 seconds cut to cut. Varying log diameters can be handled without set up changes to the saw system.

Existing saw installations include log diameters of 6 - 8”, 7 - 9”, 10 - 12” and 8 – 16”.

Aluminium Sawing - Undertable Finish Saw

The robust stand alone Finish Saw is designed to operate with the output from a modern Extrusion Press in an automatic or semi-automatic mode and can be easily installed into new or existing facilities. The saw is mounted upon a substantial rigid frame and thus delivers precise cutting accuracy which is paramount to obtaining cuts of equal length. From the rest position below the table, the saw blades are elevated to perform the rapid precise cutting stroke. Through the use of a high speed, narrow blade, the forward cutting speed is in the region of 155mm/sec with minimum material loss.

The saw is equipped with swarf extraction to maintain the cleanliness in the cutting area.

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